To achieved modern marketing strategic. The company provide each sales team Ipad or Tab to key in invoice. At the same time, the invoice will transmit information data to the server of company immediately. The company account is monitoring under SQL system. SQL computer system can help to reduce manpower to do messy paper accounting task. By using SQL, tracking, checking or analyzing document can be done within few second. So, it is ensure everything are under control systematically.

Sales Representative

There have sales team will take care and serve the customer from each area. Our team key in invoice and return goods with latest technology with the Ipad or Tab. By go through the technology, it able to follow the computerized tracking systems which have emerged as a key component of business strategies aimed at increasing efficiency and maintaining competitiveness.

Stock Management Control

We are well organization with standard stock management control by computerized inventory management systems. It is important for counting and monitoring of inventory items, recording and retrieval of item storage location, recording changes to inventory, and anticipating inventory needs, including inventory handling requirements.

IT Support

High technology like Ipad or Tab key in system, UBS, SQL, SSC and various system are applying in Prospect Plus Trading sdn bhd. It is necessary to increase efficiency of overall process. Computer network system able to reduce manpower to do messy paper in accounting task and reduce the communicate barrier between sales team with admin. With the network system, it is greatly improve efficiency of operating process. For example, by doing tracking, checking or analyzing document can be done within few second.

Internal Operation Management

There have a responsible, teamwork, good quality clerk team serving in Prospect Plus in order to assist our customers, and enhance overall marketing management flow. Warmness manners, patient and efficient are the main principles inside our heart in order to ensure everyone are in the harmony and corporate environment.

Warehouse System

Prospect Plus’s warehouses have equipped with Toyota forklifts and Electric Reach Trucks in order for greatly improve efficiency of operation time. The forklifts shift pallet by pallet for adjusting space in warehouse. The warehouse of Prospect Plus fully build up with heavy duty pallet racking system to maximize the usage of space within limited land.

Delivery Transport Team

Prospect Plus have a fleet of more than 15 units of van/lorry of various capacities to cater for efficient delivery from Monday through Saturday, except on Public Holidays and Sundays. Daily delivery ends at 6.00 p.m. Prospect Plus has a systematic planning area schedule for the sales team to follow in order to achieve the highest effective cash flow of management control.

In Prospect Plus, sales teams use electronic system to communicate with the internal operate management. After some process, the stock will proceed to collect goods inside the stock and checking to ensure correct amount of quantity that will passing to transport driver. Our transport drivers are trained enough to face various problems in any difficulty.